Wedding Day Moon Palace Resorts

9 August, 2021

I was eager to present this highlight video of Alyssa and Shawn, Overflowing with many emotions, we had the opportunity to talk with Shawn and Allisa at the wedding, and they are lovely, before watching the highlight, I want to leave the story as they met. – A Wedding Day Moon Palace Resorts

Oh boy, HOW did we meet ?? LOL Well Allisa remembers it was at the Ethnic Student Center Conference their freshman year at WWU but Shawn insists it was at the dorms (Highland Hall!) When he was up at a friends dorm and they were talking down (he was on 2nd floor and Allisa was on 1st) to Allisa and her suite mates. Allisa has no recollection of this so we’re gonna go with the ESC conference lol! They started off as friends all throughout college and during senior year is when their friendship blossomed into a beautiful relationship! Though, the beginning was not as hearts and flowers as relationships usually start out. Shawn actually asked Allisa if she wanted it to be official on their way home from a diagnostic imaging appointment which ultimately led to Allisa’s diagnosis of ovarian cancer. That was the beginning of their relationship and Shawn stuck by Allisa’s side through it allllllll. He even shaved her head for her. If that ain’t love, what is ?? So it only made sense that around Allisa’s 5 year cancer remission date, Shawn popped the question with all of Allisa’s friends and family of ella around de ella, who was there to celebrate her remission and fight against ovarian cancer. Now, we cannot wait to celebrate with you !!!

Wedding Day Moon Palace
Wedding Dress
Wedding Day Moon Palace Resorts

Venue : Moon Palace

Photographer Ashley Photography

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