We are very happy to participate in the wedding of Ludy and Josafat that took place in the Mayan Riviera. The wedding was at the Ocean Riviera Paradise hotel, one of the best hotels on the Mayan Riviera.

The day was very emotional, Ludy was very excited with all the details along with his friends were enjoying the getting ready. While Josafat and friends were eager to participate in the wedding.

The time finally came, the clock showed 4:00 in the afternoon, after a light rain, facing the sea, Ludy and Josafat said “Yes I do”, the moments were very emotional, the parents of both were very happy . Because Ludy and Josafat were very clear about their goal, do everything to make them happy.

This day was very exciting after the ceremony, everyone was taking a picture, while Judy and Josafat did it one by one. Wedding day at Ocean Riviera Paradise

The reception was later, a very exciting evening night. Without a doubt, it was as Ludy planned. Josaft and his friend spent great time with they. So in the first dance was incredible and emotional. They will enjoy each second forever.

The Day was perfect and the wedding too. Just want to say again Congrats guys, and thank you for give us the opportunity to get the best photo and video. So proud to show this wedding video highlight.


Thanks for everything cool. We had a great time.

Wedding day at Ocean Riviera Paradise

Wedding day at Ocean Riviera Paradise

Wedding day at Ocean Riviera Paradise



Photographer: Isidro Corona

Videographer : MyLovefilms Team

Venue: Hotel Ocean Riviera Paradise.

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