Grand Palladium Hindu Wedding – Two ceremonies, one wedding day (Highlight) – V+J

23 June, 2017

Grand Palladium Hindu Wedding – Two ceremonies, one wedding day (Highlight) – V+J

A completely different wedding day, out of the ordinary, surprise, 2 weddings the same day. Where? In the Grand Palladium Wedding, incredible, beautiful, a day full of emotions that Justyna and Vishal demonstrated 2 times in a single day. This day could not be better.

We were invited, we stayed with them all day, from very early we arrived to be able to appreciate these unique weddings at all times.

This wedding was a major step outside of my comfort zone. Instead of one wedding ceremony, I would be filming two. The first of which would be a traditional Indian ceremony, with all the outfits, music, and flower petals (so many flower petals!), that I had never experienced before. But due to my desire to try new things – and especially film new weddings – I was glad to do it.

Thankfully, Vishal and Justyna were patient with me, as I learned all about Saris, Sherwanis, Garlands, and Talis. There was so much to keep track of, but throughout it all I was grateful for the chance to experience another culture’s traditions and ceremonies. Justyna and Vishal, as you can see from the video, are such a sweet couple and I am glad I was able to film their wedding.

I learned a lot that day, and I’m looking forward to learning more in the future. So if you are planning a wedding and it looks like something that I haven’t filmed before, please get in touch. I would love to try something new.

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Photographer: Cecilia Dumas and Associated Photographer


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