Dreams Riviera Cancun Wedding Day

1 July, 2022
Dreams Riviera Cancun Wedding Day – Jocelyn and Andres

Jocelyn and Andres

Let’s Celebrate the Union of Jocelyn and Andres, was so amazing to capture this beautiful couple. Felicidades a los recien casados!!
Dreams Riviera Cancun Weddings day– just 20 minutes North of Cancun , it’s the perfect getaway for a couple to get married in Riviera Maya. The Resorts flora, saturated with verdant gardens, white sandy beaches, and crystal blue water, is a paradise not only for every couple, but every wedding photographer and videographer.

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The Perfect Setting: Dreams Riviera Cancun
Dreams Riviera Cancun is an all-inclusive resort that offers guests a white sand beach and lush gardens. The resort has multiple pools, including one with a swim-up bar and another with a waterfall feature. There are also many restaurants to choose from, including Italian, Mexican and Japanese cuisine.

The Perfect Weather
The weather was sunny and beautiful. The temperatures ranged from 78-82 degrees Fahrenheit (26-28 Celsius), which was perfect for an outdoor wedding!

The Perfect Mood
The Caribbean is a warm year-round destination, which makes it perfect for your wedding. The sunsets are spectacular and the vibe of the island is energetic.

The Perfect Attire
Andres’ beige suit was the perfect choice for a destination wedding. It was light and comfortable, which allowed him to enjoy his day without feeling weighed down by too many layers of clothing.
And Jocelyn’s white dress? Well…it was simply stunning! The lace detailing

on the bodice made her look like an angel from above. She couldn’t have been more radiant as she walked down the aisle towards her groom in this beautiful gown that fit her perfectly–and made us all jealous at how gorgeous she looked!

Getting Ready
Getting ready for your big day is an important part of the wedding planning process. You want to look and feel your best on this special day, which is why we offer luxurious spa experiences at all of our properties. Our team of experts will help you choose from a variety of hair and makeup styling options, as well as private suites where you can get ready with your bridesmaids in comfort and style.

The Ceremony
The ceremony was held under a gazebo on the beach. It was a beautiful day for it, and everyone gathered around to watch as Jocelyn and Andres exchanged vows and first kiss as husband and wife.

The Reception
The reception was held at a rooftop restaurant overlooking the ocean. The couple wanted to have dinner and dancing, so they hired an amazing DJ who kept everyone on the dance floor all night long!

Key Moments
Getting Ready
First Look
First Dance (and vows!)
Cocktail Hour, including a photo session on the gardens!
You’ll be able to party the night away with your guests and family in our ballroom or outside under the stars.
The Finishing Touches
Once you’ve secured the venue and your vendors, it’s time to think about the finishing touches. The first thing that comes to mind is professional photography and videography. These two elements are essential for any wedding and should be considered early on in your planning process.
Another important aspect of a destination wedding is decorations–you want everything from tablescapes to floral arrangements that reflect your personal style! If there’s one thing we’ve learned from our travels around the world, it’s that there are so many ways to make even the simplest things feel special when they’re surrounded by beautiful scenery or unique architecture (or both).

A Destination Wedding to Remember
When you’re planning your destination wedding, there are plenty of things to keep in mind. You want to make sure that everything is perfect for your big day–and that means finding the right location, selecting an appropriate dress and suit for the bride and groom (or just one of them), deciding what kind of food will be served at the reception…the list goes on! But perhaps one of the most important things is creating an atmosphere where everyone can relax and enjoy themselves. If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas on how best to do this, here are some tips:

Think about what makes each person happy. Do they like being outdoors? Are they more comfortable inside? Is there somewhere specific where they feel like themselves? Once you know these answers, it’ll be easier for everyone involved in planning this event–including yourself–to figure out how best create a setting where those feelings will come through loud and clear!
Choose flowers based on their meaning rather than just picking whatever looks pretty (although don’t discount prettiness altogether). Flowers have been used throughout history as symbols representing various emotions; knowing which ones mean love or friendship could help make sure those feelings get communicated through all aspects


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