5 Questions you should ask before Hiring a Videographer!

28 March, 2019

5 Questions you should ask before Hiring a Videographer!

* Delivery time

5 Questions you should ask before Hiring a Videographer, this first one, usually the delivery time is relative, depends on the package contracted is the delivery time, almost all video packages offered by the videographers offer in 2 Months of Delivery or up to 4 Months, sometimes 1 Month … We offer 2 Months but normally we deliver during the first 4 weeks, this depends very much on the season if it is spring (more weddings) or in autumn, but our goal is to deliver before 4 weeks –

* Video quality

A minimum quality of Full High Definition is suggested, that is, 1920 x 1080 Pixels at 23 frames per second. This quality is a very good standard, we suggest it. A secret that not many videographers will tell you, a rate of 18 Mbit / s is suggested in Full High Definition, this will allow a greater clarity in the quality of the video.

* Cameras, microphones, audio recorders …

Does this matter? Of course, Absolutely your videographer must use the best brands in the market relative to what we use, Canon brand cameras, Sony & Panasonic, are leading brands to record video. The recording of the sound is an important topic, although of course it depends a lot on the hotel and the place of the ceremony if they offer a microphone and speakers. Remember that weddings on the beaches are very windy, we use audio recorders connected to the speakers for a professional quality.

* The music of my highlight?

In our company you have two options, you can suggest your own commercial song … of course remember that after 10 years the song you selected may be outdated. But do not worry, we can select the song according to many factors such as type of ceremony, party, coicktail time etc.

A highlight video!

* Do you offer Photography Service?

If we offer photography service, this is the best thing to offer Photo and video offer a substantial discount that allows you to save money. Dependel Hotel, some hotels apply a simple fee when you have a single company for Photography and video.

* Payment methods,

Credit cards & Debit for deposit and. We use paypal to offer a guarantee and security when paying.

These are some of the questions I answer most often, do not hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions. My email is [email protected] (Roger). I will gladly help you!

Best regards.


Photographer: Elvis Accef

5 Questions you should ask before Hiring a Videographer!


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