Wedding day at Mandala Beach Club

Definitely in Mylovefilms every wedding is unique, we enjoy the moment, we work with love, we put passion in every moment, every moment that the couple enjoy. Ciaria and Beua is a couple with many love, we feel we live it. Surely it will be forever. I’m sure it will be like that. -Wedding day at Mandala Beach Club-

Mandala beach club, was the place where they married a beautiful beach and a very nice reception. This video highlights we show the best of moments. Their vows that they promised forever.

We want to save these moments and each one of you can enjoy it.

Each wedding is different, every moment that they enjoy is something unique, that they will remember for a lifetime. Commit to share each moment, their time of them, they will laugh, there may be sad moments, but surely they will know how to resolve the situation.

This video shows how much love you have for each other. The votes say a promise of love.


Wedding Day at Mandala Beach Club

Wedding Day at Mandala Beach Club


Venue: Mandala Beach Club

Make Up: Emilia CortezĀ