Sandos Caracol Eco Resorts Destination Wedding

6 July, 2022

Nervous Samirrah starts the getting ready, a little worried looks out the window, while Jacob at the same time gets dressed, the day is here, so this is the destination wedding they dreamed of… families and friends accompanied this couple in this beautiful destination. A beautiful destination in Sandos Caracol Eco Resorts Destination Wedding.

Photographer: Isidro Corona Photography

Venue: Sandos Caracol

Video: My Love Films

The Perfect Setting: Sandos Caracol Playa del Carmen

Sandos Caracol Playa del Carmen is an all-inclusive resort that offers guests the chance to experience luxury and relaxation in paradise. The property features a white sand beach, lush gardens and an array of restaurants and bars for guests to choose from. The wedding planners at Sandos Caracol will help you plan your special day down to every last detail so that you can relax and enjoy your time with family & friends!

The Perfect Weather

You’ll be able to enjoy the perfect weather in June 2022. The weather is sunny and beautiful, with temperatures ranging from 78 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit (26-28 Celsius).

The Perfect Mood

The mood of a wedding is important. It’s not just about the food, music and decorations–it’s also about how you feel when you’re there. When you’re getting married in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, your guests will be surrounded by beauty and joy from start to finish.
The weather in this part of Mexico is warm year-round with an average temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit (27 Celsius). The sunsets are spectacular, especially at this time of year when they’re bathed in warm tones that make them glow like fireballs against the darkening sky. The city itself has an energetic vibe thanks to its young population who come here for vacation or work opportunities; it’s easy for visitors from all over the world to feel comfortable here too!

The Perfect Attire

  • Jacob’s suit was beige, and it looked like it fit him perfectly.
  • Samirrah wore a white dress that made her look like she was glowing from within.

Getting Ready

The bride and groom had separate suites at the resort.
They were both pampered with spa treatments, hair and makeup styling, as well as champagne and canapés. Jacob was fitted for his tuxedo by a personal stylist who came to his room. Samirrah’s wedding dress was delivered to her suite where she tried it on for the first time before heading down to meet her groom in front of family members and friends who had gathered outside on the beachfront terrace area of their villa.

The Ceremony

The ceremony was held under a gazebo on the beach, with sand as their only guest. They exchanged vows and then shared their first kiss as husband and wife.

The Reception

The reception was held at a rooftop restaurant overlooking the ocean. The dinner was delicious and everyone enjoyed the view. After dinner, we danced on the dance floor until late into the night!

Key Moments

  • Getting ready
  • Ceremony
  • First dance
  • Vows
  • Cocktail hour (with a welcome toast) and session on the gardens.
    Then it was time to party!

The Finishing Touches

After you’ve chosen your venue, it’s time to think about the finishing touches. You want your guests’ jaws to drop when they walk into the ceremony space and see how beautiful it looks. This is where professional photography, videography and decorations come in handy.
We recommend hiring a professional photographer who can capture all of your special moments throughout the day–from getting ready with family members before the ceremony to cutting cake at midnight after dancing all night long! Your photos will be cherished forever as memories of an unforgettable day spent with loved ones in paradise.

A Destination Wedding to Remember

A Destination Wedding to Remember
A destination wedding is a perfect way to celebrate your love, but it’s not just about the location or the weather. It’s also about the people who come together to make your day special. We’ve worked with hundreds of couples over the years and have seen all kinds of different personalities, styles and tastes come together for one big party!
We love being part of these celebrations because we can help you plan every detail from start to finish–from finding an incredible venue (with breathtaking views) all the way down to choosing which flowers will be in bloom when you walk down that aisle! And don’t worry–we’ll also take care of everything else so that all you have left is enjoying yourself on what will undoubtedly be one of THE best days ever!

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