Destination Wedding Dreams Sands Cancun

22 May, 2021

A destination wedding Dreams Sands Cancun, beautiful wedding day.

Katie and Josh – Destination Wedding Dreams Sands Cancun

The Lovely story of love.

Josh and I had met at a party. The last words I had told Josh the first night we met was “I’ll never see you again”… Boy was I wrong.. .We started dating when we were 19, and the adventures have been non-stop for 8 years. We found each other at the perfect time and when we needed each other the most. We have been lucky enough to grow up and ‘Adult’ together. We are best friends, dance partners, dog parents, roommates, and so much more.
We are thrilled for everyone to join us as we become Husband and Wife and start forever together. We look forward to creating memories having a great time, and cherishing this special moment with you!
We are so happy to be there with them to celebrate of the Love
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Photographer Amber Kelley Photography


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